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Studio Partnership



The Barre Eclipse Studio Partnership Program

Bring our Teacher Training program to your community. Your studio will benefit from more revenue and employing highly skilled barre instructors, and you will have a competitive edge in your city with little-to-no effort on your part.

It is challenging to create a barre program, let alone a teacher training program, and it is near impossible to sustain a high-quality program that competes with the big franchises.

You need a barre program that recruits, trains, and supports you and your barre instructors. You need a resource to keep exercises fresh and keep your instructors loyal to your studio. You need a partner who delivers corporate-style quality, but a local-style community.

We are Barre Eclipse. Pleased to meet you.

We hope to make partnering with us the easiest, no-brainer decision you've made all year. Together we will bring our Barre Eclipse teacher training to your studio, and you reap the benefits!

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