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This unparalleled program is for you if you:

  • Want to teach clear, confident, and intelligent classes
  • Desire to inspire others to be empowered badasses
  • Want to witness yourself and others get stronger with every single class
  • Need a community of powerful leaders in the fitness industry to keep you motivated
  • Know you have the potential to have the most popular class at your local studio or online!

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Barre Eclipse Teacher Training is recognized by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and by the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) as an Approved Continuing Education Provider.

You receive 15 AFAA CEUs and 1.9 NASM CEUs for completing this course.

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What People Are Saying:

I would definitely recommend this program to anyone curious about Barre! Even if you don't plan to become licensed, I am taking away many new lessons and bits of information that will help my teaching of movement be THAT much stronger. I loved learning more about the body and other effective yet mindful movements for our bodies. I really enjoyed your empowering language section and breaking down the diet-culture fads/slogans that we are sometimes bombarded with."


The techniques in this program are broadly applicable as teachers, even outside of barre—and this program fosters thinking about your teaching and the positive impact it can have in the world if you give it that intention."


I love the attention to detail you guys took in regards to music, terminology, and the overall vibe the instructor brings. A lot of training programs do not touch on the "feel" of the class as you guys have."


I enjoyed learning about the method including the class design, musical elements, and the theme of nature/elements throughout. It has really helped me as an instructor think about/navigate building well-rounded, intentional classes. I also just feel more confident in my own barre voice! I have been teaching yoga for many years but barre is newer to me. Counting and rhythm have been a challenge but I am feeling wayyyy more comfortable. I think the program design is really accessible to anyone, whether you have a background in fitness or are a busy/working person. My full-time job is unrelated to fitness and I found the program to be really easy to fit in. I enjoyed the short, to-the-point videos and the accompanying manual. I sometimes had to fit in watching the videos while I walked my dog—but it worked! I did not feel like it was overwhelming. Overall, I found the experience to be personally enjoyable and I appreciated working on something different than my day job in my own time.


Totally do it! Your training has helped me transform the way I teach. I feel empowered to make barre more accessible to those who are interested in becoming part of our fitness community. I am more aware of what words I use to describe bodies. I use inclusive language—this has made me more aware of how I teach and how my students feel after receiving instruction from me.


I am inspired to start teaching barre classes online! I was able to apply the mindset to empowering students and how to stay connected with students in both my professional (as a lecturer and fitness instructor) life.


It is easily the most thorough course out there!"


DO IT, SIGN UP NOW!! YOU’LL LOVE IT! This training is something that encourages and inspires confidence in me. Just like getting through the first five weeks of content, it reminded me that it’s not just about the final outcome, but it’s all of the learning along the way that’s really meaningful.


Do it! This TT is one of the best decisions I’ve made. You guys poured your hearts out. Every video, assessment, and lecture has been done with love and professionalism. This teacher training exceeded my expectations. The teacher training gave me the opportunity to connect with people, even in the middle of a pandemic. It gave me a feeling of belonging and helped me stay focused.


[Adrienne's] way of leading you through learning new material -teaching you the body and WHY we do things this way, plus musicality- is AMAZING!


What I love about Adrienne's approach is her continued insistence on empowering classes that create an inclusive community where everyone is seen, heard, and truly welcome. This training program will teach you not only the mechanics of teaching a class but will also encourage and support your own particular style that you pour into the form of the practice.


It's amazing. Even if you don't end up being a teacher, it is such valuable training. I think you'll love it and have a great time learning everything. Being more aware of the messaging in the health and fitness industry has allowed me to filter what I'm hearing, and instead of internalizing it and take it on, I recognize it, remind myself I'm enough, and dismiss it.


I feel like my personal life is thriving because I am making the space to do something meaninful outside of my day to day. I know I am pushing the boundaries but each time I practice I think its something my future self will thank me for. This new mentality has helped me grow as a person and its only been since taking the step in the course that I feel this excitement about possibly teaching fulltime in the future or just getting this thing off the ground. I have enjoyed building the brand throughout the last year and I feel excited about it.


It's a no brainer! This training will not only improve the teacher in you, but it will improve the way that you think about yourself, life & the people around you. I feel so much more clear in my role as a fitness instructor. I, like so many of us, was a victim of negative subliminal messaging from society when I was young. I am so grateful to have found Adrienne and I am so happy to be a small part in breaking that cycle for future generations. Thank you so much for this work!!


I can't recommend enough the Barre Eclipse Training! It's a fantastic way of learning to teach barre at your own pace, without the pressure and time limitations of a live course. It's the only course I've come across that allows sufficient time to land all this amazing knowledge so that even beginners like myself have the opportunity to teach. The training is put together in the most comprehensive way, layering information and techniques week after week and you're suddenly able to teach barre before you know it! Adrienne and Eric are the best teachers and mentors anyone could wish for and you'll get to meet and practice with some amazing trainees from all over the world! It's been the best investment of my time and money and words are not enough to say how grateful I am for being able to complete this course.


The training session helps me know myself more and, most importantly, love myself more in every workout. Fitness is not a body-shaming process but body acclaiming; it is good to learn how to appreciate and empower yourself rather than blaming yourself in daily life as well. This is not only a workout but a life philosophy course!


I love the thorough approach to teaching and having every detail specified, always being available for questions, having the mentorship sessions and Adrienne's and Eric's empowering attitude, their belief in us as students and also just the most friendliest user portal! You cannot do wrong! Adrienne and Eric are there to help you every step of the way; it's fun, it's energetic, and you will learn to deliver a terrific workout every time you step on your mat as well as a holistic approach to fitness and wellness. This program not only is great for doing barre; it has soul and integrity.


The approach to teaching - giving students a choice, making the class more personal by using inviting language. I have even started doing this where I can when I'm teaching my yoga classes, and it has made a world of difference for my students, especially new students. I feel a better connection with them (even if it's virtual) and vice versa. In my yoga teachings, it has helped me grow my community and find a new level of engagement in my offerings, even when I'm subbing for another teacher.


I took Adrienne’s in-person barre teacher training in 2018 and was not yet currently an instructor. But, I was fearful of the vulnerability that comes with it prior to the experience. You will not regret it, wonderful experience to try your hand at teaching or just enjoy and bring more abundance into your life!


DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! Beautiful community, training is on point, Adrienne is always there for you. Barre Eclipse TT has helped me through the craziness of 2020, it gave me focus and helped me figure out my career path. [My] classes are less complicated and flow better; I listen to music differently. I allow the student to become the teacher of their own body, awareness, alignment, and adjustment. My verbiage is better. My counts have improved. My left and right are still, well, no comment. LOL. I also know the direction I want to go career-wise. I teach differently, I layer my exercises more clearly and efficiently. I was taught by Adrienne, something I did not think would ever happen.”


I am so happy I took barre training! The amount of love and hard work they put into this training is clearly evident. Don't expect this to be easy! Teaching barre is hard and vulnerable. But while you learn new things you'll have the best time and wish it would never end; I highly recommend!


It has definitely made me more forgiving and accepting of myself more, to go a little more easy on myself. It has made me feel a lot more Zen with myself and to others around me. To empower someone with positivity makes myself and them feel good about themselves, and that's a good feeling to have. My biggest highlight of the programme is having the opportunity to meet new friends around the world. Firstly meeting Adrienne, who has had a huge impact on my life during this pandemic, she has been very inspirational. Meeting all the trainees have been so inspiring and uplifting. I have gained some forever friends during this training.


Adrienne is the real deal. Full of knowledge, patience, trust, and spice. I have learned more from this training than I did from my in-person YTT. She is a pioneer in barre, yoga & fitness, most important, a champion for people's relationships with their body. I'm looking forward to seeing her thrive and hope you will join the Barre Eclipse Community!


Do it! You won't regret it :) I love love love how strong I feel in my body inside and out. Feeling stronger has helped shape how I view and perceive myself, and this in turn, has made me want to share how empowering this method is. Even though I am already currently teaching yoga, teaching barre is a whole new level, and the training is so much more inclusive, supportive, and informative even though it's done online.


The Barre Eclipse Teacher Training program is better than ANY training program I have ever done! Despite it being online, it is so thoughtful, detailed, and thorough. And I love all the support they give the trainees throughout the process. This Barre Eclipse Training has had a huge impact on my business life because it has allowed me to continue to teach online despite studios being closed during this pandemic. Also, since starting to teach the Barre Eclipse method, I feel that I am fully equipped to offer a service to others in this difficult time through classes that leave clients of all levels feeling more positive, powerful, and connected to their body and soul. This in turn has made me feel more connected, grounded, and joyful in more ways than I can express...without it, I would have probably lost my way during this pandemic. Thank you so much, Adrienne & Eric!


If you're interested in learning Barre, I would go for it. The program is well organized, and you have many chances to connect with Adrienne and the barre eclipse community. I love your method -- it's organized and well put together. I love how the weekly Livestreams kept me connected with your style of teaching along with the barre training, so it synced well. I also loved how you offered the live mentorship to connect with you and fellow barre trainees.


Go for it. Even if you don't teach it at the end of the day, it makes you feel great and helps you enrich yourself with positive vibes. It's given me the drive to get even stronger so I can show up for my students and provide a platform for wellness that is empowering and supportive. On the business side, I get to try out a new career and see where it leads.


I took Adrienne’s in-person barre teacher training in 2018 and was not yet currently an instructor. But, I was fearful of the vulnerability that comes with it prior to the experience. You will not regret it, wonderful experience to try your hand at teaching or just enjoy and bring more abundance into your life!