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Affiliate Program


It's Easy.

Help us promote. Make money.

Our Affiliate Program is a partnership opportunity. We love to work alongside studio owners, corporations, fitness companies, clothing brands, influencers, and people with a vibrant, engaged community. Does this sound like you? We'd love for you to become a Barre Eclipse Affiliate.


Your Role

In a nutshell, you would encourage your community to join our empowering, life-affirming Barre Eclipse training program or our weekly Livestream class!

Your part is easy... simply tell your friends about us and share your unique links to get paid. Every subscription purchased under your tutelage earns you money.

We send you money directly to your PayPal of the 1st of each month.


Your Dashboard

This is where you find your unique links to share and track the people who've signed up using your links! Plus, you can see the conversion rates on how successful your promotions perform!

What's more, we'll help guide you along the way and provide images, designs,  and copy for you to use to promote!

Speaking of Money

If you get someone to join our Teacher Training program, you get paid $100. One student = $100; Ten students = $1000, and so on. 

We also pay you $10 per student that subscribes for a monthly or quarterly subscription to our Livestream Masterclass.

We send money directly to your PayPal on the 1st of each month. Enjoy!

The fine print: PayPal charges you fees when you get paid, 2.9% + $0.30 per payout. All payments made in USD. Conversion rates apply per country. If people don't click your link, or they sign up on a different browser separate from your link, or they don't sign up within 30-days of first clicking your link, you don't get paid.



You still in? Awesome. Love it.

By signing up you agree that you:

  1. endorse working out to feel alive and strong, not to lose weight or make my body smaller.
  2. do not promote or endorse any diet plans.
  3. speak of bodies with positivity and love.

If you agree to all the above, please click the link below! Yay!

Become an Affiliate!